How to shoot macro with your kit lens

How to shoot macro with your kit lens

DSC_0143I am very close to mother nature aren’t you? obviously yes  and this is why we find interest in exploring and spending time with nature. From the very beginning i love watching National Geography and Discovery episodes because  it was all about mother nature .

I get amazed seeing the detailed close up of plants insects , flowers, animals and so many other things offered by my surroundings, I always wanted to capture those moments for the rest of my life and to share them with my friends and relatives,

this was the time when i moved towards photography and bought my first Dslr. It was a Nikon d3200 with a kit lens (18-55 mm) ,

initially i started clicking closeups with default macro mode given on dial ring in all dslrs.


In order to shoot with macro mode activated you need to be very steady as a small vibration in hands can blur your photograph. For the best possible macro shots, here are the steps you need to follow.

Have patience  

If you are shooting butterflies , bugs, insects, birds , or any movable living or non living thing you have to be very slow and calm. don’t disturb or harm their natural habitat for the sake of your passion, mother nature understand only gentle touch isn’t it?

you should remember that  ace wildlife photographers sometime waited years for a single perfect shot while in our case its just a few minutes or seconds.

External Lights

Some time the natural light is not sufficient to properly expose our subject in that case a fill flash or a diffused light placed at some distance will work magically ,you can also use a handy small DIY reflector, how ever most of the time natural light is sufficient , but if you want to capture during golden hour or in post hours , you will require some external light source, also artificial lights can add a good drama and bokeh into your background .DSC_0042

Be Attentive 

while waiting for a perfect shot keep your eyes on your subject and fingers on shutter button , keep focusing it continuously or have a half shutter pressed , so that you don’t miss a nice shot.

Technical Terms

here are some in camera setting that one usually prefer while clicking macro objects and closeups

  1. Use macro mode on dial ring.
  2. Use continuous servo AF  (for moving objects focus will not lock when you half press the release button while it will continuously refocusing as the subject moves  ).
  3. Select AF area mode as single point auto focus ( for fast focusing).
  4. Always try to keep your ISO as low as possible to reduce grain in your pictures .
  5. shoot in Raw instead of Jpeg.


I hope it will help you some how , queries and suggestions are welcome.

i will post few more detailed and cool stuffs in upcoming days on macro photography so keep in touch folks 🙂




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